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Release Candidate, SVN planning, and todo.txt


So, the todo list must have infos like the changelog file, i.e.:
2007-Nov-2 TODO Jack Smith <JSmith@...>
todo list.

Must we have a "work_in_progress" list, because sometimes, we must synchronise the work ?

Would it be sufficient to make the todo.txt item be:

2007-Nov-2 Assigned To: Jack Smith <JSmith@...>

for assigned or claimed items, and
2007-Nov-2 Assigned To: nobody

for unassigned or unclaimed items.

And then simply delete the item when it is completed. I am not completely clear what you mean by synchronizing the work.

However i planned to release the current kicad version ASAP (next week for a release candidate) because the current version is rather good. So the bug hunting is the priority (and during this time thinking about zones is the priority) .

After we can start large changes on zone handling (when some ansvers will be found about these problems).

This is good that you are sharing your thoughts about the release candidate. The translators will hopefully get their text strings current with the C++ code in the next few days.

Also, we should plan on snapshotting the source tree into the svn tags directory as we have done before at the time of a release. But this time also snapshot it (C++ only, not the bulky docs and libs) into the branch tree, so we can maintain the old version for fixes. That way we can smash the hell out of anything needed on HEAD as we want to use HEAD for the bleeding edge of the zone redesign.

What do you think about this?


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