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This is very interesting work you have done. I was able to build the
system under linux with your cmake scripts!

The instructions for the "out of tree" build did not work in the way I
expected though. It looks like the build still took place in tree.

However, previously to trying the out of tree build, I had done the
makefile generation step in tree, before I subsequently did the
makefile generation step out of tree. Don't know if this is the
reason for the out of tree method to not happen as I expected.

All the above, after following your install.txt instructions.

I wonder if we can add options for 1) PYTHON, 2) DEBUG, and 3)
"shared/static with respect to the wxWidgets library". If you can do
these 3, then I would say the linux support is complete.

Maybe someone else will step up and try and complete the Windows and
MAC OSX support for/with you.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation

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