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Hello Dick!


This is very interesting work you have done. I was able to build the
system under linux with your cmake scripts!
This is not only my work.
The bigger part of CMakeLists files has been written by Mateusz Skovronsky.
We both independently started to implement CMake support for KiCad :-)

The instructions for the "out of tree" build did not work in the way I
expected though. It looks like the build still took place in tree.

You can ancounter a problems with "out of source" build, if after "in source" build you did not delete files generated by CMake in KiCad tree. Simply delete this files and try to build "out of source" (this is from CMake FAQ).
However, previously to trying the out of tree build, I had done the
makefile generation step in tree, before I subsequently did the
makefile generation step out of tree. Don't know if this is the
reason for the out of tree method to not happen as I expected.

All the above, after following your install.txt instructions.

I wonder if we can add options for 1) PYTHON, 2) DEBUG, and 3)
"shared/static with respect to the wxWidgets library". If you can do
these 3, then I would say the linux support is complete.

Of course we can do more, but I have too little time :-)
Maybe someone else will step up and try and complete the Windows and
MAC OSX support for/with you.

Dick Hollenbeck
Igor Plyatov