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Re: Subversion Changes



and I (with my 2 cents) would prefer "normal" versioning, like 2.0 or something like that (with 2.0RC1 for reelase candidate).


David Bourgeois napsal(a):
On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 18:19:06 +0100, Igor Plyatov <plyatov@...> wrote:

Hello Dick!
1) The November release candidate has been copied into

Notice that the day of month has been dropped and we are using 'Nov'
instead of 11.

Who is this "we"? ;-)
Such enumeration of versions is undesirable for example in my Gentoo Linux.
It is impossible to correctly compare such versions at package upgrade.
The examples of good version numbering:
1.4-r2 (2 - is a release of package)
200711-r468 (468 - is a SVN revision)
20071122-r468 (468 - is a SVN revision)

Can we come to the consensus with KiCad versioning?

My propositions of numbering:
or maybe 2.0

P.S. This is not a criticism, but a requirement for some compatibility.

Hi Dick and Igor,

(Just my 2 cents.) I thought that tags were not meant to be changed at all as they represent a frozen release. In my understanding, I was expecting a tag (for the current release) and a branch for future bug fixes. The branch can be named kicad-2007-Nov or whatever but the tag should better be a number (friendlyness with most package managers). I'd personnaly vote for '20071122' as that's how past releases were done already.

David Bourgeois

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