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DRC Dialog Rework, Final Thoughts


We now have two tabs in the dialog, the 2nd of which is for the
unconnected pads. For consistency, I am planning on adding a new
MARKER type (maybe a full class, derived from MARKER) for the
unconnected pads.

This second type of MARKER would reside in its own list in the BOARD.

Then I would also show them on the board. I am thinking of Golden
Diamonds with the same dimensions (12 x 12 pixels) as what we have now
for the arrow MARKER used for distance problems.

Is anybody happy with this?

(I had to ask the question negated from the way you expected it,
otherwise all I would have gotten was complaints.)

If you are happy, I would be happy to have someone make the 2nd marker
bitmap. You could put it in marker.cpp for now, I may move it later.



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