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Re: DRC Dialog Rework, Final Thoughts


To put a possible variation on that thought, there are actually two
pads associated with each "unconnected" marker type. These are like
the two end points of a ratsnest line.

(Forget the fact that this 2nd type of marker is currently being sent
to the first listbox, that will change tomorrow in the first 15
minutes of my day.)

I could draw *two* diamonds per "unconnected" marker type, placing one
on each of the two pads involved in the same net.

The other thought would be to make it look like a rats line, but I
think that gets messy because we cannot then "select" the marker on
the board the way we can now with distance problem markers. I'm not
going to do this.

So two diamonds per "unconnected-type" marker ?

These would be located on the pads I guess. When you delete one of
these markers, both diamonds would go away.

Last thought would be to find a way to make the pads highlighted in a
persistent way, but this is also a tricky thing to code without
impacting normal drawing speed, but not as bad as the ratsline.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation

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