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Re: Re: Windows svn snapshot compiling


The CMAKE stuff on windows worked for me without any major problems.

I had gcc and g++ 3.4.x installed, Win2K, and msw wxWindows version 2.8.7

It may be that a developer will have to take it further. I spent a whole day pioneering the problem, refining the cmake input script and documenting the steps that I took in how-to-build-kicad.txt.

I think CMAKE works fine for me on Windows and Linux.

It is what I expect to use in my work.

But there are limits to my time investments, I hope everyone understands. Beside, I can't bear to reboot under windows again anytime soon. Life is too short.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas.


the libraries libopengl32 and libglu32 are missing.
I think the option -lopengl32 -lglu32 is missing in the linker command
this option is set by calling '<wxWidget path>/wx-config --libs gl'
the option -lwx_mswu_gl-2.8 is not enought. The 2 standard opengl libraries (libopengl32 and libglu32) must be linked with cvpcb and pcbnew.
This is also true under Linux.

Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

There's no reference to opengl32 here, and I think there should be.

A reference to "a stub library for opengl".

Maybe you can ask on the CMAKE mailing list.

I am forgetting everything I knew about windows as fast as I can.

So I cannot help you much further.


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