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re: menus and AUI


Ok. Thanks.
I don't want to "publish" my idea as the best, and I know MS standards 
are not (always or generally) the best. But for users familiar to 
standard menus, kicad seems to be difficult to use and there is (for 
most commands) only one GUI way to exec commands. This is a good thing 
for advanced users (they will probably use shortcuts or command lines, 
e.g. Blender), but a little difficult for novices. I found a lot of 
users that posted comments like "kicad is difficult to use" or "how to 
exec this command" (e.g. autorouter), and this was the reason I posted 
my first question. Conclusion: my special effort will be about snap-to-
pin facilities. However, i've already compiled some interface 
changes... I think pane toolbars could be a good idea...
Advices well appreciated.

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