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Fwd: Highlight nets in Eeschema-Please.


--- In kicad-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "yajeed2000" <djsbriscoe@...> wrote:

I'm in the process of testing version r780 of the latest code snapshot
(under windows xp).
Some initial observations.  
1/ Now that changes have been made to the hierarchical sheet system in
Eeschema it would help enormously if there was some way of
highlighting net connections. This would help in making visible the
electrical connections in the schematic.
It can be difficult trying to understand how things connect up
otherwise, especially for newbies.
2/ Sheets are not named in the erc report file, only a timestamp
number appears.

I've only just started using this latest version, so if I find any
more problems, I'll post them here.


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