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Re: Re: Problems trying to build wxwidgets-Can anyone



see below:

yajeed2000 napsal(a):
I've just downloaded the boost zip file and unzipped it.
Anyway I'm at the stage of downloading the Kicad source files.
I have a few questions as I'm a newbie at compiling large programs
from source.
1/ What is the method you and others use for creating SVN snapshots
from the source tree? For instance how did you compile the recent r780
snapshot at the sourceforge website?
Each file has a different revision number so how do you know that
everthing works together?
The way I'm using is not correct and I know it. I just take all the Kicad source I have downloaded, copy it to some temp directory and from there I run (under msys) CMakeSetup.exe, cmake ., make and make install.

If I will find out how to make my svn client (RapidSVN) export current revision to my tem dir, I will be very happy.

2/ How would I use something like TortoiseSVN to get the source files
onto my local PC?

In the TortoiseSVN it will be IMO very similar as in command line svn, so I'll point you to http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download#Subversion

Sorry for all the questions.

Just keep asking. Without questioning you will not get your answers :-)
And of course I would not get good feel of helping you ;-)