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Re: zone fill with micro-vias


Tim Hanson wrote:

I've been fiddling around with the new zones & filling, and I'm super

However, the zone fill algorithm does not know that it does not need
to avoid micro or laser-drilled vias from the component to layer 2
when filling a ground plane on layer 1. Presumably the layer stack
is Component:Layer 2:Layer 1:Copper in this 4-layer board; i saw no
options to change the layer connections for these micro-vias(?). Can
fix this if somebody points me in the right direction...

Also, shouldn't a zone fill eliminate ratsnest lines appropriately?
How to fix this?



I would say that the "zone container" should be sufficient to eliminate ratsnest lines, even without a zone fill. The zone fill is an implementation detail of zones specific to Kicad, a quirky remnant that could actually be done much later in the board generation process or even at gerber file generation time.

But your point remains.

There are folks who say that undo is our next most important deficiency. And although I also rate that as extremely important, and nearly as important as the point you re-iterate, I still think this zone issue that you raise again is more important than undo redo:


This posting seemed to have suggested that Jean-Pierre was going to work on it, but I have seen no progress on it yet:


So somebody needs to get this done. Yesterday I ran the menu option "Miscellaneous | Track Operation | and Delete Unconnected Tracks". Some of my tracks ended at vias going into zones, because the board was properly routed by freerouter. But this option yanked out those tracks because they did not all tie together to other power pads. You begin to get the idea of how big a problem this can be when you have over 400 parts on a board like I do. It is bigger than undo redo for this board anyway.