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Re: Erasing Tracks without XOR Remnants


> 1) Test this patch, make sure it is fast enough, cast your vote then.
> 2) Look for other areas to implement the idea (with modified code as 
> appropriate): delete entire track, delete entire net, delete module, 
> etc. No dragging.
> 3) Get a volunteer to do 2)
> Thanks,
> Dick

void WinEDA_DrawPanel::PostDirtyRect( EDA_Rect aRect )

is the infrastructure that can be used. I have put it into delete
net, delete track, and delete segment. It is important to have a
single place like this PostDirtyRect() in the code, so that if we have
problems with it we are not running everywhere trying to fix it.

I am still seeing some rare erase problems. Probably due to the size
of the erase box.

1) Votes are in. We are moving forward. We have infrastructure. 
Some of 2) is done. 3) is still a no show. But I can live with what
we have for now.