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Re: to: Dick Hollenbeck [Specctra dsn export] + 'routing fences' layer discussio


> Keepouts would be a decent feature for Kicad. However, it looks like 
> now I will be doing all my routing in freerouter. Therefore on the 
> re-import of the session file, I have no need to preserve these
> because at that point the board is basically done, the tracks are

Please explain a method of autorouting board with 2 or 3 totally
independent (opto isolated) regions in freerouter.org. Inside
Specctra+OrCAD I can use keepouts, inside Kicad I can use an 'edges
pcb' line to emulate this behavior. Inside freerouter.net I think I
can use dummy net (drawn on all signal layer) which will separate
regions between each other (prevent segments over existing
not-connected tracks).

Also I've got a problem trying to draw a free track on copper layer
and connect it to existing net.

P.S. Tomorrow I will compile last svn snapshot with your corrections
("enable/disable" padshapes in separate layers). Thanks for a good job!

Regards, Vladimir.

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