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Re: EESchema XOR-Artifacts


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> > Well, currently, I am more concerned about artifacts in eeschema.
We have 
> > approached those for Deletes, but for Moves, there are still ugly

I see artifacts now in plain ole screen refreshes..svn rev 900 and
there is color mixing and colinear line cancelation. Complete screen
paints (refresh) should not use XOR and the current working layer
should be on top (drawn last).

> >
> > I have tried the same trick in
WinEDA_SchematicFrame::StartMovePart() (see 
> > eeschema_redraw-move.patch), which gets rid of the artifacts but
adds new 
> > ones around circles... I have no Idea how to fix this though,
other than 
> > posting dirty rects again in ShowWhileMoving()...
> >   
> While moving, the xoring is working fine for any position other than
> initial position. This is proof to me that xoring is working 
> perfectly. What is not working is the transition from OR mode to XOR 
> mode and this is a corner case that happens only at the beginning of
> move operation. Only this logic is suspect, not the idea of xoring in 
> general.
> See what I have done at or near line 499 of getpart.cpp, also
> by the change_log.txt. This logic works perfectly (on linux) for all 
> but a wierd case that *depends on the zoom* level, and only when
> are involved.....
> See change_log.txt for another change I made regarding onleftclick.cpp
> Dick

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