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Re: XML import to pcbnew


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Jonas Diemer <diemer@...> wrote:
> Cool. 
> But why is it a separate sf-project? Shouldn't it be in the KiCAD
code (being 
> an importer/converter specifically for KiCAD)?

EDIF2KiCad maybe just because of the name but I thought about 
this and the size of the KiCad distribution is already hugh.  
EDIF and XML are suspose to be standards for moving between CAE
applications (XML4EDA was already taken, no files since 2001). I 
just began XML4PCB with EDIF/XML to KiCad as a starting place; 
but then except for GnuEda everything else is proprierty. A library
organizer, foot pad, part list organizer,editor with a neutral data
base would be another good candidate for a new, separate project! 
(I saw a reference to a NASA parts system based on XML)

> Best regards

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