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Re: EESchema XOR-Artifacts



Am Dienstag 18 März 2008 23:50:56 schrieb Dick Hollenbeck:

1) Since we still don't have all classes with a GetBoundingBox(), there
was the old alternative call that you removed that I think still needs
to be there until such time as we have all implementations.

I see your point. I will try and get all implementations ready. It will be 1-2 weeks before I'll have time to look at this again though.

Doing all implementations will take more than a few minutes. However, to add back the 3 lines of code which test for the classes which already have the function can be done in 5 minutes. If you would like I can do this for you and add the patch? Then as you find time *you* can transition over class by class.

2) Where you call the base class EDA_BaseStruct::GetBoundingBox() why
don't you instead just make your own empty rectangle, that way we won't
get the debug print statements. I am almost always using the debug builds.


Best regards

PS: I have added a patch to the tracker so we don't forget about this.

Sounds good.


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