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Re: how-to-build-kicad.txt


Igor Plyatov wrote:
Hello Dick!

I was disappointed to see that a file that I spent a day or more
preparing was "deprecated" by you very recently. I am of the
understanding that there is information in how-to-build-kicad.txt that

Deprecated is not mean deleted!

Dick, why you are thinking that the documentation is not require the same amount of work as a programs source code?
The documentation required the same trials and probe work as source code.
And if you are thinking that I do not honor you work, then you are wrong.

I will add the information from both "how-to..."s to the "install.txt".
This is only starting point of my work.
Please, do not make the unadvised decisions.

is not present elsewhere, including:

** a table of contents

** how to build a debug version

** and step by step instructions on how to build the software if you are
a developer

** proper English

In my far-away plans is a transition to the docbook format for the documentation.



I think your role as Admin is going to your head.


What I was hoping for was an apology and an acknowledgment that deprecating my hard work is unacceptable to me.

But I will expect less of you in the future.


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