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Re: Re: XML import to pcbnew


Yes, I guess I was too close to it...that change
and putting "" around the $PAD netname fixed it. The checked
in svn code now produce files that look correct! The
pulldown "Misc/list nets" also works after the change. Now
I can give Specctra a try (if I unroute some stuff).


Congratulations! You can simply export the *.DSN with the tracks, and delete all of them over in FreeRoute. The re-route them. Select them, then unfix them, then delete them.

Ah and one can also force the whole net to a width (missing in fileformat doc)

There is that field, but I don't think it is used. It probably should not ever be either. Instead, at some time I'd like to add the concept of a "net class", which is simply a list of nets along with a small bundle of properties which apply to all the nets in that class, roughly:

vector nets;
int trackWidth;
int viaSize;
int viaHole;
vector<int> preferred layers;

But this is not an original thought, only an adoption of what is in the specctra spec. See class CLASS, line 2714 in specctra.h. Once we had this, then you can set properties on whole groups of nets all at once. And more importantly, auto via selection would be better, and the export to specctra would also benefit from this. Currently I edit the "kicad_default" class using a text editor on the *.dsn file, and split it into a number of other classes before I load it into freerouter. That way I was able to get fatter tracks on my power nets, and larger vias only on some of those nets automatically.

I had been mucking around in Kicad trying to route my board for many many many months, all the while adding enhancements to the software, just trying to get the design out. Using FreeRouter I was able to route the board in less than 10 days, *manually*. The autorouter probably cost me time in the end, because if you don't have a full set of "net classes", and you are not careful about setting your layer costs, you end up with tracks in your way later on. A lot of skill comes with experience, and the stuff I am talking about here would not be applicable for a one or two layer board. Mine is a six layer, and it was cramped at that. The push and shove manual routing is priceless, and in retrospect, it was naive to attempt a complicated board like mine without it. But now we have it with the SPECCTRA bridge.

Use the source Luke, use the source.

Just learning to navigate, not up to wrap speed yet!

Yeah, I've been "rapped" on the head too many times, and I have a memory leak that I can't find. Worse yet, I can't even remember to look for it. The project is really too big to keep in one's head.

I just use Jedit's Hypersearch to look for anything at anytime. Then when in doubt, I fire up kdbg and run it on the DEBUG build.

Once again, congratulations.