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Re: Kicad versioning



I think this topic is more about a stable release than version numbering itself. For the SVN/bleeding edge branch, the current versioning scheme seems adequate. But we should consider creating a stable release/branch for all those out there who don't like to use the bleeding edge svn (end users, distributions etc.). For that stable release, we might want a release plan, containing:

- which features should be included
- which bugs need to be fixed
- a testing period
- a translation period
- maybe a timeline

We shouldn't overdo this though, since we have limited and fluctuating manpower to implement this plan anyways... The trackers on sourceforge.net could become handy for some of these items. Once we have a stable release, it should get a number like Milan suggested.

So, my question would be: What is the current plan regarding a stable release? Who is in charge of it?

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