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Re: Kicad versioning


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Jonas Diemer <diemer@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think this topic is more about a stable release than version
numbering itself. For the SVN/bleeding edge branch, the current
versioning scheme seems adequate. But we should consider creating a
stable release/branch for all those out there who don't like to use
the bleeding edge svn(end users, distributions etc.). For that stable
release, we might want a release plan, containing:
> - which features should be included
> - which bugs need to be fixed
> - a testing period
> - a translation period
> - maybe a timeline
> We shouldn't overdo this though, since we have limited and
luctuating manpower to implement this plan anyways... The trackers on 
> sourceforge.net could become handy for some of these items. Once we
have a stable release, it should get a number like Milan suggested.
> So, my question would be: What is the current plan regarding a
stable release? Who is in charge of it?
> Best regards
> Jonas.

Hi all,
Since devel versions is a developer's problem, I agree with Jonas
about all 'common' and new users of Kicad.
People who heard about KiCad can find, with google these links : 
- Jean-Pierre's site at LIS
- kicadlib.org
- kicad.sourceforge
- kicad wiki
Yahoo's results are nearly the same, the kicad-users group's homepage too.

Unfortunately, these sites lead to KiCad versions as different as JP's
realese candidate (kicad-2007-11-29-c... in one part!)), sourceforge
(kicad bin 20070709...in 3 parts!), and all PC user of normal
constitution would sink into the wiki page 'Download".

In order to properly welcome new users, I really believe that an
obvious numbering system would be 'very' usefull, and giving a better
image, too, that Kicad deserve. The best known and most used system is
probably V1.0, V2.xx system (This for end-user versions only).
In this suggestion, I hope I gave the "new KiCad's user" point of view.

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