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Re: Tim Hanson, Alain M: Reducing number of drills - new utility


> How do I create that dril image file?
> I looked at all options in ptinting and plotting, if it is thaere it
> is not obvious to me...
>> File->Plot->Create drill file !BUTTON!
> Sorry, this creates the drill file ok, but not the *dirll image
> file* as you used to ilustrate your example!!!

Drill Sheet -> drill sheet (PostScript)
Drill Report-> Drill report

Full release will include:
1. Vias drils + Copper sizes around them
2. Drills (as it now does)
3. Pad sizes separately for all shapes (to change a
padsizes-thru-all-modules by creteria Shape/old size/new/size).

All: I also make a ghostscript -> tiff .ps printout + Photoshop macros
to obtain a "copper flooded design". Is it possible to use native
methods in Kicad (all free areas fill as coper polygons)?

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