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Re: Reducing number of drills - new utility.


Tim Hanson wrote:
Also concerning drills, kicad should store pairs of via pad & via
drills for the case of multiple via sizes. Right now I must use a
script to convert via pad to via drill size. The alternate via drill
should, i think, be depreciated in favor of pad-drill pairs.


class TRACK : public BOARD_ITEM
int m_Width; // 0 = line, > 0 = tracks, bus ...
wxPoint m_Start; // Line start point
wxPoint m_End; // Line end point
int m_Shape; // vias: shape and type, Track = shape..

int m_Drill; // for vias: via drill (- 1 for default value)

Each VIA instance does store a hole size and copper width, m_Drill and m_Width, respectively above from class_track.h

So I assume you are referring to the "pick list" during via insertion.

Yes, for that I agree. See my discussion about net classes from 2-3 days ago.