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Re: Component library


Hi Jean-Pierre,

no miracle for now :-)

modules dir has to be in Kicad root dir and I thought it has to be in kicad/share directory. So I had two modules directory (duplicated) and edited resistor in the wrong one.

What is the correct dorectory structure? Or are we in the middle of reorganisation?

Where the modules directory has to be? In Kicad root dir or kicad/share?


jean-pierre charras napsal(a):
Milan Horák a écrit :
Hi Jean-Pierre,

I did forgot to mention it - I did export it to wrl and situation is still the same.


Kicad does not store 3D shapes in libs.
So uses old but good way to check what happens:
Check for file date, remove old files by hand and recreate them.
And after this, if your problem persists, i believe this is a miracle.