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Re: Fileformats and library



Am Montag 31 März 2008 23:27:17 schrieb Richard A Burton:
> > c) updates of the library
> >      -------------------------
> > * Really hard to notice, if the default libraries (which comes with
> > kicad) has any new device inside.
> Probably each symbol needs a version number (incremented for any
> non-trivial change), which is stored in the kicad file when it's used.
> That way if you load a kicad file that used old version of symbols
> (e.g. after an update to kicad that used included new symbols) you can
> be warned of the change.

How about including all symbols, footprints etc., which are used in a kicad 
schematic/pcb in the kicad file itself? This way, you always have the correct 
version of library components packaged with the document itself. This would 
greatly simplify sharing of files and also removes the need of versioning of 
library components.

This could be implemented by simply zipping the document together with all 
used library components together during file save (assuming that we do split 
the components in separate files). Of course, this sort of wastes some space, 
but this shouldn't be that much, esp. when zipped. The components in the 
document archive then would take precedence over the files in the library 

Just a thought...

Best regards

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