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Re: Bug 1918746: EESCHEMA File Format Versions


All four of these are 2000 times more important than this improvement, IMO.

Please think about option 1, exclusively, if it ever reaches the top of your priority list with sufficient time, but I would would wait until after D) otherwise it will be obsolete soon after you write it.



Two of 4 vendors I spoke to about my current board were prepared to do the panelizing for me at no cost. So apparently there is some pretty powerful gerber file manipulation software out there that these board companies have access to. They can compute trace and space widths without being told what it is, just by gerber analysis. And for a multilayer board were a bed of nails or clam shell test is done on everyboard, these software packages can even develop a netlist from the gerber files alone.

I think maybe there is some software for this that you could come by if you are not using one of these board houses.