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Re: Infinite look taking 100% cpu when building debug mode.


El Jueves, 24 de Abril de 2008, Raúl Sánchez Siles escribió:
> Hello Dick and thanks for you much clarifying anwer:
> I'm thinking of a solution which would involve using a wxProcess variable
> to redirect pipes into it or something like that. I'm doing some tests and
> preparing a patch for this, so I get this working you'll have news about
> it.
> If I'm right I think this isn't a problem only covering debug builds, but
> also general builds as long as the child process output enough information,
> so it's something where care should be taken.
> Thanks for the help, regards,

Find attached a first try. Tested and works. I don't know yet the possible 
drawbacks of this.

What do you think about it?  


Raúl Sánchez Siles
 --Boundary-00=_FtKEI//Sx3qKcVz Content-Type: text/x-diff;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Disposition: attachment;

Index: kicad/common/gestfich.cpp
--- kicad/common/gestfich.cpp	(revisión: 1000)
+++ kicad/common/gestfich.cpp	(copia de trabajo)
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
#include "common.h"
#include "wxstruct.h"
#include "macros.h"
+#include <wx/process.h>
/* List of default paths used to locate help files and kicad library files.
* Under windows, kicad search its files from the binary path file (first argument when running "main")
@@ -533,7 +533,9 @@
if( !param.IsEmpty() )
FullFileName += wxT( " " ) + param;
- wxExecute( FullFileName );
+	wxProcess *proc;
+	proc=wxProcess::Open(FullFileName);
+ //wxExecute( FullFileName , output, errors);
return 0;

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