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Re: kicad PCB arrayer tool for multiple instances of schematic sub-sheets


Am Dienstag 29 April 2008 01:30:23 schrieb Tim Hanson:
> If we do eventually get python support (back) into pcbnew, then I'll
> be happy to port the arraying functionality over.  


> On the other hand, 
> users have been asking for undo, and I think this would be relatively
> easy in ocaml as compared to C++.

Hmm, I doubt that (although I don't want to start a C++ vs OCaml flame war 
here :-) ). The problem really isn't the language, but how the application is 
structured. KiCad's code may have some weakness in that respect here and 
there, because it was written "to learn [and while learning] C++", but I 
wouldn't attribute it to the use of C++.

But I agree with you, we need Undo first :-)