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Re: Re: Versioning and multiple kicad Sites.


2008/9/4 jean-pierre charras <jean-pierre.charras@xxxxxxx>:
> As you know, i am a teacher in "IUT de Saint Martin d'Hères.(France)"
> An IUT is like a school.
> This is not a company, but like a company, human problems are importants:
> http://iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/kicad/ (and
> http://iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/cao/ for download files) is my main
> site because it is an official site in the IUT,
> and Kicad *must* be hosted here (I use it at work).
> There is on this serveur only stable and full versions , and it is also
> used by my students (in fact kicad was written for them).
> This site is easy to maintain for me and this is the prefered
> "personnal" site.
> As a teacher in IUT, i am also at a researcher at LIS now called GIPSA
> (this is a research laoboratory)
> http://www.gipsa-lab.inpg.fr/realise_au_lis/kicad/ is the official GIPSA
> site for kicad.
> This is not a server, there is here just a Web page.
> You must consider these 2 sites as a part of my work:
> just like a company must have an official site, even if it also use a
> sourceforge site.
> The last site:
> http://www.lis.inpg.fr/realise_au_lis/kicad/ is an obsolete site but i
> have no control on it.
> Just guys who created this sites must be aware the links to "my official
> site" or "author's site" must be
> http://iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/kicad/
> Specially on kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki i am unable to edit the "english
> Kicad homepage", and the obsolete link must be updated
> --
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

I am not sure how it currently looks in sourceforge rules, but some
time ago one of most important rules was that if you have project on
sourceforge you have to host project files (distros, source code) on
the sourceforge servers (they are living from advertisements shown
during downloads). So doing it way you suggest with pointing to your
site may violate these rules.


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