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Re: Re: Versioning and multiple kicad Sites.


Manveru a écrit :

I am not sure how it currently looks in sourceforge rules, but some
time ago one of most important rules was that if you have project on
sourceforge you have to host project files (distros, source code) on
the sourceforge servers (they are living from advertisements shown
during downloads). So doing it way you suggest with pointing to your
site may violate these rules.

No problem for hosting files on sourceforge, this is already the case :
sources are on http://kicad.svn.sourceforge.net
and distros also.
I need only a volunteer to maintain files (upload last stables files, build sources tarballs, build snapshots ... and upload infos on new files on sourceforge.

BUT distros *must also* be on the IUT server

they are living from advertisements shown during downloads ? Yes !
But I also am living from my work at IUT and GPISA lab!


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