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Re: Binary distributions - who maintains?


Milan Horák a écrit :

Warning - long post:

Here is what it says:

[ 70%] Building CXX object
polygon/kbool/ src/CMakeFiles/ kbool.dir/ booleng.obj
In file included from e:/Development/ kicad/polygon/ kbool/src/ booleng.cpp: 18: e:/Development/ kicad/polygon/ kbool/src/ ../include/ booleng.h: 122: error:
invalid function declaration
e:/Development/ kicad/polygon/ kbool/src/ ../include/ booleng.h: 184: error:
invalid function declaration
In file included from

I believe my previous mail about this was lost.
This is a small problem only with wxMSW compiled in shared mode.
(due to an unexpected define WXUSINGDLL in kbool makefiles, because in kicad kbool does not use wxWidgets, but kbool can be used with wxWidgets, and WXUSINGDLL appears in 2 *.h kbool files)

My last svn commit solves (i hope) this problem.


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