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Re: Re: Versioning and multiple kicad Sites.


Igor Plyatov a écrit :

Hello Jean-Pierre!

> http://kicad. sourceforge. net/wiki <http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki> <http://kicad. sourceforge. net/wiki <http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki>>
> is useful because volunteers can work on it.
> No problems to have official releases and snapshots on sourceforge, but
> a volunteer is needed to maintain them (i cannot make all the work).
> Mainly, this also involves info updates on sourceforge pages.
> I know there are volunteers.

>From time to time I make an updates at wiki and download area, but I
have a lack of time for this.
I do not use KiCad at all - this is the main problem :-)
But I will do all possible from my side to support KiCad as time permit.
My hope is a "KiCad is comparable with commercial programs" in future.

> These differents sites on sourceforge were created by volunteers, not by
> me (this is not a problem for me, just the proof kicad has some
> enthusiasts users).
> So i do not intend to remove or change these sites.
> These volunteers must work together.
> But once again, i cannot make all the work
> Just guys who created this sites must be aware the links to "my official
> site" or "author's site" must be
> http://iut-tice. ujf-grenoble. fr/kicad/ <http://iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/kicad/> > <http://iut-tice. ujf-grenoble. fr/kicad/ <http://iut-tice.ujf-grenoble.fr/kicad/>>

The wiki links to the authors homepage was corrected now to this site.

I saw.

> Specially on kicad.sourceforge.
> net/wiki i am unable to edit the "english
> Kicad homepage", and the obsolete link must be updated

You (and all) are able. Wiki doesn't have any restrictions for corrections.

I am now familiar with Wiki and I did not saw immediately how to reach this source page to edit it
Now i see.

Maybe you do not have a time or desire for this work?

This is something like this.
This is why help is welcomed.

Igor Plyatov

Thanks again for you work


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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