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Duplicate filenames confusing the debugger, cmake globbing


Where there are duplicate filenames such as "plot.o" being linked into a program image, this confused some debuggers so we should try and avoid that when we can.

I found plot.o coming from a bitmap and plot.o coming from hand written C++ code.

Same for find.o.

I changed the bitmaps:

find.xpm to find_xpm.xpm which now generates find_xpm.o


plot.xpm to plot_xpm.xpm which now generates plot_xpm.o

If you keep this in mind, it should not be necessary to report these kinds of changes in the future if you see them in the bitmaps directory, which seems to be the biggest culprit.

Also, the file globbing of CMAKE is not appropriate for bitmap/CMakeList.txt because it does not adequately establish all the dependencies, so I had to revert this file to what I originally submitted a half year ago, which lists all the bit map files separately alphabetically.