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Re: Font support in eeschema and pcbnew on text labels


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2008/9/9 Pavlyukov Alexey <lexaficus@list. ru <mailto:lexaficus%40list.ru>>:
> Hello!
> I realized support of cyrillics in eeschema and pcbnew on text labels, it is
> possible
> also other languages if to add the description of symbols in a file of fonts > (share/grfonte. kifnt). A format of a file of fonts look in kiFont.h. I send
> you patch
> to the version trunk revision 1229.
> Pavlyukov Alexey
> mailto: lexaficus@list. ru <mailto:lexaficus%40list.ru>

For me it looks quite nice, but it seems to me that this idea disables
non-unicode KiCad version completly*, and what about data format for
boards and schematics? I think they never really supported Unicode (am
I right or not?). This means files saved in version of KiCad with this
patch cannot be opened in older one - operation will mess all new
characters. I am speculating now.

* - as far as I remember J.P. said that currently KiCad cannot work
with UniCode support.


Kicad itself is now always compiled in unicode mode, but saved files (.sch, .brd, .net ... files ) do not use unicode.

Using unicode in kicad files means:
- New created files cannot open by old versions (.sch files have just changed) : .brd, .sch, but also .lib, .mod, .cmp - How to create reports files ? they usually are plaint text, not rich text or other format. - Problems with netlists and data exchange: i am not sure all others tools use unicode in netlists. - And also volunteers to enter a *lot* of new characters. (I am not sure there is a lot of volunteers to do this work.)

A mininum requirement to use unicode is the creation of fonts.

So do not speed up to use unicode in files format.

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