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Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Can you build the source yourself?

Yes, I've even thought about how I could make the changes myself. My concern would be I would break something elsewhere that I don't know about.

If so, maybe we can pursue a compile time option for starters, then maybe add a config file variable in the future which is likely more work.

I may spend a few minutes studying the source if you can say that the compile time option would be acceptable.

Yes - acceptable as long as I don't distract you from something more important.

This means you would have a non-standard Kicad, but you can always apply your patch to any source you pull down. More time than that I do not have.

My big hope is this would make it to a wish list item. (I noticed another thread where people were thinking of what ought to be standard fields for shared library parts.) I can work around it for now - I'm planing out how to construct my libs and this issue froze my decision process. I'm creating a template part that will have my standard fields in it - then when I create a new part, I just edit from that.

The right way to fix this would involve an add-field button and a some interface work. On the other hand, just increasing the user fields to 14 would solve it for me.


BTW - I used PADSPCB/powerpcb/logic from all the way back during DOS, (no limit to part-fields in Logic that I remember.) It occurred to me while running that software, that the library really could be served from a data-base - that way third-party software could inter-operate live (ie accounting/purchasing/alternative-entry).

I really appreciate your efforts.

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