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Custom Power symbols library name


In (kicad-0.0.20080825c) I have confirmed that "place the power port" HAS to use power symbols from power.lib - the same lib under a different name will not work.

You can select the power device by entering its name followed by 'Enter', but it will never let you place it with a left click.

There is a place in 'onleftclick.cpp' that is hardcoded for 'power'.

It has always been my practice to use my own libraries so that when an upgrade comes along, nothing gets overwritten.

I can select the same power symbol with the "select the component" icon and search and place it - perhaps eeschema should not let this happen?

If this is the intended operation, I'm guessing that the reason has to do with ERC? - (a hinted on the user list under "Netlist Generation and Custom Power symbols".)

I am creating some documentation and will write this up as is - I think the best way to fix this is to create a users lib directory and have a link to the distributed lib directory that should be read_only.

Is there anything special about device.lib?

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