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Re: Custom Power symbols library name


jean-pierre charras - INPG wrote:
Karl Schmidt a écrit :
In (kicad-0.0.20080825 c) I have confirmed that "place the power port" HAS to use power symbols from
power.lib - the same lib under a different name will not work.

Obviously yes, because this is a shortcut to this library

But it will let you select powerports from other named libraries using the "place the power port" icon - but fails with out message.

If this is the intended effect, I will add to my docs - power ports can only be in the library named 'power.lib'.

In case we are missing each other here - if you click on the "place the power port" icon and try to use a power symbol that is in a different library than power.lib - it fails (unless something was changed after 20080825 ?)

Step by step:
- Create a power device in a lib called custompower.lib called 'testgnd'
- L-click on the "place the power port" icon
- L-click on the schematic
- enter testgnd in the name box
- press enter

I can place the same power-port if I use the "select the component" icon. Does this power port library restriction have a reason behind it - would it break ERC?

You can select the power device by entering its name followed by 'Enter', but it will never let you
place it with a left click.

This works well for me !

What is your power port library name? I think it HAS to be power.lib - I'm trying to figure out why, or if this is a bug.

There is a place in 'onleftclick.cpp' that is hardcoded for string 'power'.

From eeschema/onleftclick.cpp about line 294

if( (DrawStruct == NULL) || (DrawStruct->m_Flags == 0) )
Load_Component( DC, wxT( "power" ), s_PowerNameList, FALSE ) );
DrawPanel->m_AutoPAN_Request = TRUE;

Perhaps I'm confused. What is this code for?

This might be related - not sure ...

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