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Re: libedit - left-click Pick point of field F1


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Karl,
> Not sure I understand this. But it may get clearer once I get around to 
> finishing the new extend-able field count support. Maybe two weekends 
> from now. I don't think this is worth fixing in the current UI since 
> the new code will replace quite a bit of what we have in eeschema's 
> field editing code.
> At that time I will see if I can make sense of what you are saying.

For 20080825c When in libedit and editing a part - if I try to right-click on the 'Value/Chip name' 
string to move it - the point where I need to click is wrong.

Easy to work around for now, so if you are messing with this code don't worry about it for now.

When there is a new release coming out I will test it again.

The other issue with the Y axis rather backwards to what one would expect - I'm not sure how it can 
be addressed as it appears it is backward in the Libraries, but it will forever confuse new users - 
I can easily live with it as it is. If the plan is to have it stay this way, I need to know so I can 
write it up.

One more wish-list item - for schematic symbols such as a resistor that often need to be rotated - 
if there was a way to have alternate symbols so that when switching back and forth between vertical 
and horizontal orientation of the schematic symbol, one would pick an alternate symbol so that the 
text fields (R1, CF25-10k etc) get moved but not rotated(see attached). I think this would take 
extending the .lib file standard to include an alternate symbol. They did something close to this in 
PADS (PowerLogic) - speeds up schematic entry.

(If you end up changing the .lib standard, you might also consider adding a bit so that it is 
possible to rotate pin-names and pin-numbers so we can have vertical pins (up,Down) with Horizontal 
pin-names and pin-numbers. )

My thanks to all involved for your efforts with the kicad project - let me know if there is anything 
you might need.

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