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gerbview: aperture macros



I added the support for drawing most common aperture macros and the infrastructure to handle all of them of anyone needs every last one of them down the road.


Please look for isDark usage in rs274d.cpp and let me know what you think about flag bit or bool to class TRACK which would indicate that the track is to be drawn in the background color rather than in the layer's color.

Search this page for "POLARITY" as background material:


pcbnew does not use this POLARITY in a "dynamic" way, but gerbview was unable to accurately display the gerbers coming back to me from my board manufacturer after they doctored them up with some high end editor. We are about to fix that with this last change in the area of isDark, and my work adding aperture macros.

Jean-Pierre, please think about this and then answer my question about how to draw a TRACK using a background color.



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