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Re: Edit part


David Bourgeois a écrit :


Just to let you know:

I compiled the SVN version of kicad and tried the edit a part in
eeschema (what Dick is currently working on). I noticed that if the
part has a footprint associated (footprint field set in libedit, like
the ATMEGA16-A), then the text "Footprint" disappears in the eeschema
edit_component_ in_schematic dialog leaving an empty cell on the left,
and the footprint name on the right column.

I also compiled wxwidgets with debug enabled and since then I got the
following traceback when I click OK on the pin edit dialog in Libedit
(I get that with the September release too.)

/var/tmp/portage/ x11-libs/ wxGTK-2.8. 8.1/work/ wxPython- src-2.8.8. 1/src/gtk/ dialog.cpp( 161):
assert "wxAssertFailure" failed in EndModal(): wxDialog:EndModal
called twice

[1] WinEDA_PinPropertie sFrame::OnOkClic k(wxCommandEvent &)
/home/david/ software/ kicad/eeschema/ pinedit-dialog. cpp:325
[2] wxAppConsole: :HandleEvent( wxEvtHandler* , void
(wxEvtHandler: :*)(wxEvent& ), wxEvent&) cons)
[3] wxEvtHandler: :ProcessEventIfM atches(wxEventTa bleEntryBase const&,
wxEvtHandler* , wxEvent&)

Do you want me to submit these in the bug tracker?

This is a work in progress, not finished (as dick said).
At this point submit bugs to the bug tracker is not useful.

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