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Re: dialog edit component in schematic



Thanks, the "convert" explanation. Are you happy with that label on the checkbox?

I should have the editor working as well as the old one by end of today, this is without the ability to add, delete, or move/rearrange fields. I have family coming in late afternoon for the holiday.

No, I have not had time to test the new zone support, but I am looking forward to it.

Can I hope to re-use most of this dialog work on the "edit component in lib" area? I have not investigated that yet, but this is screaming out for a code factoring effort if it is at all possible, and I would prefer not to simply copy the code, but to call it from a different context.


Your last changes in eeschema are very promising.
I noticed you have problems with the "convert" option in component editor dialog.

This this relative to the "De Morgan" double representation of gates.

Eeschema handles more than one shape for a given component.
(in fact as many shapes as you want)
But usually 2 shapes are enough (i.e. the De Morgan representation of AND, OR gates like a 74ls00).
I do not know if "De Morgan" has a meaning in USA.
This means only for an AND gate (with active high inputs/outputs) like a 74ls08 the hability to used it as a NOR gate with active low inputs/outputs So an option like convert/normal selection for these gates is usually enough.
The convert choice select the second shape entered for this component.

Note i used also this feature for some components that have 2 modes of operation (with very different features in each mode), to show them with the best appearance according to the selected mode in my schematic.

The function int LookForConvertPart( EDA_LibComponentStruct* LibEntry )
(in getpart.cpp) returns 0 or 1 for components with a single representation
(or the number of shapes for the same component. Currently <= 2 )

By the way, have you tested the last version of zones handling , with the last enhancements ?

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