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Re: Devel list at SF


On Sat, 6 Dec 2008, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

> For example I suggest visiting gEDA achives, which are really fine.
> http://archives.seul.org/geda/dev/Dec-2008/msg00012.html

Interesting discussion. Lets continue it. Your example does not point
to a sourceforge mailing list, so it weakens what might have been a good
point, or at least it does not strengthen it.

Indeed. It's good that discussion is demanding with no cornercutting... Well, the gEDA link was referring to my personal near optimum and I got it for granted that everyone knows SF archives.


Someone suggested using Tracker, which dove tails revision control with
mailing list type postings. I think tracker complements subversion.

Yes, Trac seems very attractive. As an example, GNU Radio uses it too. There are also back-ends for other version control systems. Subversion is easy to use, but I don't know if it's the best. This small developer pool it may not even matter.

I have never used it, but I wonder if we should look into that and see
if we can find a site to host it. I may be able to offer solution on
hosting, but I want to take the path of least resistance if we can.

I have no personal experience either, but am definitely supporting anything with clear benefits. SF might be easiest way if Igor has time and will to do it. It's not the best, but I think it's acceptable.

My point being, if we are going to invest effort in a change, we should
find the best solution for our efforts rather than revisiting the
decision down the road.

I clearly see your point here and this really is a big infrastructural question that I alone have no answer for. It's a cost-benefit analysis and it clearly has many dependencies. For hosting, some distributed system would be preferable so that whole project is not on single HD behind DSL.