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Devel list at SF


It seems that threading got messed last time. I beg your pardon for that.

I'd like to ask your opinions about the possible change to SF.net mailing list. The reasoning follows. First of all Yahoo does hide attached patches from freeview and that is really bad, because unregistered can not access them which means less discussion and less participants to the development.

Archives. They are way better usable on SF than Yahoo. Naturally that's not of merit to seasoned developers, but very valuable for woud be developers who need to study old stuff throughly.

UI. That is somewhat imho, but the fact is there is more screen estate for the subject and way less advertising on SF than Yahoo. Browsing messages is also faster and one may choose page layout freely on SF.

Bloat. Yahoo adds too much marketing crap to the messages. Yes, SF puts a notice along too, but it is subtle and shows good taste.

For example I suggest visiting gEDA achives, which are really fine.

I had earlier discussion about the subject with Igor and he said he would be willing to do the switch if consensus is reached on the subject. According to him SF is better too. In case I have misunderstood you Igor, please clarify your position. Practical matters of the switch aren't too familiar to me yet, but maybe Igor is willing to explain those. My guess is copying the subscriber list to SF along the archives. If someone gets even better practical proposal than SF, I'm also along.


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