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Re: pcbnew - thermal stubs


On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Rok Markovic wrote:

Proposed solution:
1. make polygon subtract for all pads as not in zone
2. Check on which points thermals will be conected to the zone.
3. With BOOL_OR add thermal stubs.

Stubs that are added can be of different shape (teardrops).

Seems really nice. That system would also allow easy caching for future speed optimizations and great flexibility.

If no one is working on this area and doesnt have any complaints, I will
have a patch ready before weekend.

I've been postponing my work until there is some good solution found, so if Jean-Pierre haven't already done it, please go ahead. I'm very interested about your solution. It also seems that you have done serious thinking for solving the problem and that's going to earn respect and a big thank you.