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Re: pcbnew - thermal stubs



I have implemented a solution proposed by Jean-Pierre but there is a
real problem of determing which point to test to be sure that there
is a zone area to connect to. If you have SO footprint the alghorithm I
wrote works correctly. But if there is a TQFP footprint with much
smaller raster you acctualy test for zone too far away, and you can
remove zone (with thermals) from neighbour pad, if it is on the same
NET. The solution is to use more points to test where is the zone, and
to test if the point is on the pad. This can make zone calculation even
slower, I didn't test how fast is TestIfPointIsInsideZone(), does anyone

For calculating the points for testing it would be very convinient and
fast to use vector calculations. Is there already any vector(matrix)
computational library already in use in this project?


jean-pierre charras - INPG pravi:
> I suggest you to:
> 1 - creates the filled areas exactly as made currently.
> 2 -Using the test you made to draw thermal pads connections by segment,
> find parts of thermal shape that could not be drawn using the 
> connection by segment, and remove the area of thermal pads that cannot 
> draw like that corresponding segment (this can be achieved by substract 
> the polygon corresponding to the segment area that cannot drawn to the 
> filled zone area.).
> Of course one can find cases where this can fail, but you cannot creates 
> DRC errors (because you remove copper, and never add copper).


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