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Re: pcbnew - thermal stubs


Rok Markovic a écrit :


I have started to code different way of drawing the thermal connections
- with tracks not polygons. Because of non enthusiastic response from
comunity and hard to solve problem with DRC, I've rethink the problem.

Thermals should be done with polygons.

I agree 1000%

- if we subtract holes in thermal pattern we have no way to check if
the thermal conection is actualy connected somwhere.

Proposed solution:
1. make polygon subtract for all pads as not in zone

Does not works.
If no pads in zone, a lot of filled areas will be missing because they will be detected as insulated islands and removed. If we do not have any tracks or vias, only pads, no areas will be created (because no connexion detected).

2. Check on which points thermals will be conected to the zone.
3. With BOOL_OR add thermal stubs.

If you do that, you can create copper bridge between a pad and an other existing pad or track, because you add copper with no DRC control.

I suggest you to:
1 - creates the filled areas exactly as made currently.
2 -Using the test you made to draw thermal pads connections by segment,
find parts of thermal shape that could not be drawn using the connection by segment, and remove the area of thermal pads that cannot draw like that corresponding segment (this can be achieved by substract the polygon corresponding to the segment area that cannot drawn to the filled zone area.). Of course one can find cases where this can fail, but you cannot creates DRC errors (because you remove copper, and never add copper).

Stubs that are added can be of different shape (teardrops).

If no one is working on this area and doesnt have any complaints, I will
have a patch ready before weekend.

Currently i am not working on this.

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