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Re: Polygon work



Vesa Solonen pravi:
>> There are still some problems with thermals. One, that I encounter in
>> my boards is when in close pitch components (VQFP, ... )
> Are those pads smaller in width than zone minimum thickness? If you
> decrease minimum thickness, what happens?

I forgot to mention, that if I reduce the thermal gap and cleareance to
the value smaller than pad pitch, thermals are drawn correctly.

>> Please see atached pictures, I understand if my
>> explanation is unclear.
> Thank you for your explaining screenshots. For the future it would be
> good if you cut the important part out of the screenshot and process the
> picture with colour indexing. That would save a great deal of bits,
> because png compresses best with least colours and detail (the detail
> includes antialiasing). In GIMP the tools are in image menu. Optimum
> palette is mostly a good option.
> http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-image-mode.html
> -Vesa
OK, next time!


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