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Re: new kicadocaml release, new zone fill alg, if


Hi Dick,

Good question. No, I'm not coalescing them; I store them as triangles
in the board file. Pcbnew seems to handle them just great; it does,
however, take a little bit to draw them. Nothing show-stopping though.
Kicadocaml uses OpenGL, for which triangle drawing is very quick (10ms
to draw a large 6 layer board).

you can try it if you want, I have binaries on the sourceforge page!
(I think I'm going to move to google code soon ; sourceforge is too
confusing and complicated).


> After your zone triangle algorithm runs, are you left with a list of
> triangles? Is this the basis of the on screen polygon graphics, i.e.
> does each triangle get drawn separately then? (Which would seem slow.)
> Or are you coalescing them somehow?
> Thanks,
> Dick


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