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Re: New zoom code musings.


On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Your zoom patch for pcbnew makes the PCBNEW program too slow to use when
I have a delay in the drawing due to a large number of zones.

Yes, that's very noticeable problem. Anyway the real solution is somewhere else than on zoom granularity, like threading for rendering...

Please try out this array for pcbnew and let me know if your feelings
would be hurt if we used it instead. The problem again is that it takes
too many steps to zoom in.

How about adding a 'turbo key' for zooming with larger step, like SHIFT + zoom? Your zoom series is ok too, but I'd like to keep even powers of two zooms along the finer steps. That would mean sqrt(2) factor. Anyway this should be configurable someway as otherwise we can not please every one :)

I have not tried eeschema. Drawing is faster there, but there could be
some advantage in making these similar.

Maybe less steps is a good compromise until drawing code gets worked on.

Many thanks to Wayne for making this possible.

Oh yes!


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