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Re: new kicadocaml release, new zone fill alg, if


Hey Dick,

Yea, true, I've not implemented zone edge modification. I'll get
around to it sometime, but in the meantime you can edit the zones in
PCBNEW, and then fill (or re-fill) them in kicadocaml if PCBNEW
somehow does not do the right job. Moving the edges and changing the
triangulation in real-time is a bit too much; I think the delete zone
filling -> change zone -> refill workflow is plenty good.

The triangles themselves are not editable, though you can see them if
you turn off Z-buffering. (This because I think the triangle meshes
produced are pretty :-)

~ Tim

> Thanks, nice work.
> Of course the problem for PCBNEW then is that a person cannot use it to
> edit zones. It is simply a shuttle system for your app, which is an
> intermediate point on the way to generating gerbers. It essentially is
> a PCB viewer, not a full editor. Because the user cannot edit the zone
> perimeters, that is unless he has three eyes? and sees the world as
> triangles?
> Correct?
> Dick


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