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Re: new kicadocaml release, new zone fill alg, if


Tim Hanson wrote:
Hi Dick,

No, each zone has one container ($CZONE_OUTLINE), just like in PCBNEW.
Each triangle is saved as a closed polygon in $POLYSCORNERS. I use
the third number to label the end of each triangle, e.g. :
ZCorner 2700 -3800 1
21038 -10100 0 0
19976 -9050 0 0
19976 -10100 1 0
Yes, PCBNEW generates gerbers from the triangle lists, and the zones
are electrically contiguous.



Thanks, nice work.

Of course the problem for PCBNEW then is that a person cannot use it to edit zones. It is simply a shuttle system for your app, which is an intermediate point on the way to generating gerbers. It essentially is a PCB viewer, not a full editor. Because the user cannot edit the zone perimeters, that is unless he has three eyes? and sees the world as triangles?



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